Layer Tennis!

Hi there! Layer tennis is a competition in which two graphic designers (or wannabes married to designers) face off, creating images which are interesting and striking. They take turns playing off the last image created and try to one-up the image or concept from the last round. In this way each designer hopes to become increasingly awesome and garner the votes of the adoring layer tennis fans. Dan and I played the home version (which I created- ok it wasn’t hard) for six rounds; with him being the actual designer working on a computer and me being the wannabe working collage style from magazines. The resulting layer volleys are now posted for your enjoyment with commentary by yours truly. Tracey’s volley is the first one, Dan is second. And so on. Vote for your favorite competitor if you feel so inclined. If we get more voters than Dan and me we can declare a winner.

Also for your enjoyment here is a link to the inspiration for our game, real layer tennis:

I recommend the Weaver vs Thomas match as it is my favorite this season.

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