Volley 3

Continuing on the cute and toasty theme, Tracey dresses herself ip in a stack of cozy sweaters and some admirers arrive to comment on the overall sweetness of the last serve. I think I’m going into a sugar coma…

Volley 4

This layer really touches my heart. At least I assume this alien has her heart in a similar place to where mine is. I love how patriotic she is. Or nationalistic. Or planetistic? Anyways, thanks for the change-up, Dan.

Volley 5

Ah yes. It turns out that consumerism makes the world go around. We aren’t called on to do something either patriotic or mundane. We are called on to shop. Hey, these layers better be essential at 99 bucks a pop.

Volley 6

In the final volley by Dan consumerism has been overthrown by totalitarianism. It is no longer up to us. Essential layers must be worn by all or we face the horrible gray washout that has happened to our alien friend. That’s the match. Tell us who you think won!


This is a video I made some time ago and finally decided to post. Try to ignore my hands showing in some shots. That sort of thing would never fly these days.